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Let us help you reach your maximum potential.  Our trainers and some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the state.  We offer all levels of obedience training, from puppy and beginner to advanced competition training, and we can accommodate all ages and skill levels. 

Group Classes

We offer a wide range of group classes in several different venues.  In these group classes, the dog and owner learn together as a team in a small group setting with other dog/owner teams. These are some of the classes that we are currently offering:


(ranging from basic obedience and manners to advanced competition level classes)

Scent Work / Nose work

Conformation Handling


CGC/ Therapy Prep

Trick Dog

Star Puppy


Private Training

We offer private training sessions for owners who prefer to have one on one training with their dog, or for dogs who are not ready for group classes.  Private lessons can encompass any venue, or focus on a  particular problem or concern that you may have.


Behavioral Consults

For dog owners who have behavior concerns or questions, we offer specialized behavior consulting and problem solving.   We can address behavior issues such as reactivity/ aggression toward other dogs or people, food or toy possessiveness, shyness/ fear related issues, separation anxiety, etc.


Specialized Classes

We offer a variety of specialized classes, each with a specific focus.   These classes serve to address more specific needs of the owner or dog, and allow them to work toward a target goal.  


Reactive Rover

Puppy Enrichment & Social Skills

Confident Canine

Body Awareness & Conditioning

Attention & Timing

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