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Customized Services

Our unique approach to dog training and care allows us to offer customized services for you and your pet.   We believe that in order to have a happy, healthy and well adjusted dog, they need a combination of exercise, socialization, stimulation, training and of course love!   We offer a multi faceted approach to help you and your dog achieve that goal, and can customize any program or package to fit your needs.   

Field Trips

Our field trip program offers dogs and puppies an opportunity to experience new places and have positive socialization and exposure.  These experiences help the dog to build confidence in themselves and around new people and places.  This is extremely helpful for dog owners who have not been able to do much socialization, or have a dog that needs to build confidence in new surroundings, or just simply have a busy schedule.

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Outdoor Adventure Program

This program includes half a day of exercise, fun and adventure for dogs or puppies.   It will include hiking, trail walking or another similar exercise, as well as interactive play time, and appropriate nap time/ rest time. This program is tailored to the dog's fitness level and age.   We can also provide training and manners refreshers as needed.


Specialized Day Care / Day School

This option is a great alternative to standard day care, and is ideal for dogs that may not be suitable for a large day care group, or if you simply want to give your dog or puppy a more interactive and personal experience.  If you have a dog that has been turned away from a standard day care, but you would like your dog to have similar play, exercise and socialization experiences, this service is ideal for you.  This service is customized for each dog and is based on the dog's temperament, level of socialization, tolerance, and energy and drive levels.  This service can include training, exercise, supervised play (if applicable), and socialization.


Board and Train

If you would like a more hands off approach to your dog's training, or if you simply don't have the time or skill level, you may like our board and train package.   We will train your dog in basic obedience and manners, while your dog stays with us.   We can address training issues that you may be having, or customize your dog's training during this program as well.   This program generally starts with an initial 2 week board/ train period, and can be increased based on the needs of you and your dog.  

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