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Pet Care

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Get to Know Us

  Our facilities and programs are run by Professional Dog trainers with 50+ years of combined experience.  Our staff and care givers are trained, experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of pet care and handling.

We are very familiar and comfortable with all breeds, including large breeds.  We can customize a program or schedule to suit your dog's specific needs

We can customize a program or schedule to suit your dog's specific needs, and we offer add-ons such as pick up and drop off, or consider adding a training session with any of our pet care services.

Dog Walking

Just like us, dogs need the right amount of exercise to live healthy, happy lives.  Our dog walking service will provide that exercise to keep you dog fit and happy.



Are you planning to travel for vacation or work?  We have very large climate controlled rooms for your dog to come stay and play.  While boarding, dogs have access to large fenced yards for exercise and also have the opportunity to join our daycare play groups  for play time and socialization.   Add on one of our customized services like training while your dog is boarding with us.   Click here to see our Customized services. 

Click here for more information on our facility at Dogz Gone Wild.


Day Care

Our day care is a great way for your dog to receive exercise, play time and stimulation while you are at work or busy with your own schedule.  Our Daycare facility at Dogz Gone Wild is run by our trainers, and our staff is trained to understand various behaviors, monitor play time and 

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