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We offer a large variety of services to accommodate the needs of dog owners in CNY.  These services range from daily care and exercise to all levels of training in several different venues, as well as complex behavioral work


Meet out team of experienced trainers and care givers.  Their knowledge and experience can help you address every day needs or common concerns, as well as more complicated or advanced needs or issues.


Our team is available to serve our clients days, evenings and weekends.  We offer training solutions and care options every day of the week to accommodate our clients schedules and needs.  


We are a group of highly experienced dog trainers and care givers who are passionate about what we do.  Our collective knowledge and experience along with our passion, drive us to provide the very best training and care for your pet.  Our level of expertise in the areas we specialize in are unequaled in the CNY area.   We put that expertise to work for our clients every day.

Not all dog trainers are created equal.   When choosing a trainer or a class for your dog or puppy, it is very important to consider the knowledge and experience of the trainer.   It is crucial for a trainer to have several years of experience training dogs of various breeds, sizes and temperaments, and also to have years of experience learning dog behavior.  This is important because it is often the dog's behavior or body language that tells us what the dog is feeling or experiencing, which then guides us to know what methods or approaches are best for that individual dog.   This is your dog's way of communicating to you, and it's an important thing to learn.  We teach our clients to recognize those subtle clues your dog gives you, as well how to clearly communicate your desires to your dog through training.  This "clear communication" is a vital part of training your dog.

Dog training is not  "one size fits all".   Dog training should be tailored to the needs of the individual.  Every dog is a little different, and what works for one dog often doesn't work for another.  A highly skilled and experienced trainer knows this and is prepared to offer you solutions that are not just the standard cookie cutter approach.   The more experienced and skilled your trainer is, the quicker and easier you will reach your goals with your dog.  

Our goal here at CNY Canine Academy is to help our clients achieve the success and results they desire, by providing highly effective solutions for the care and training of you pet.    We do this by providing innovative training strategies and a customized approach to common problems and daily concerns, as well as advanced issues.    In our training programs, we focus on education and improving the level of understanding of our clients.  This in turn significantly improves the human- canine bond, and allows both dog and owner to reach their maximum potential.  Our training methodology is based on a balanced approach, focusing primarily on positive reinforcement and motivational methods. 

Whether your needs are basic or more advanced, we can offer you a solution or program to match those needs.  We offer a large variety of services to address common issues and concerns such as:

We understand that life is busy and hectic and with our current social atmosphere, it's harder than ever to address all of the needs of your pet.  Let us help you bridge the gap in your pet's care and training. 


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